Meet our Tipis

Meet our tipis

Why choose a tipi? – Marquees have been around for donkey’s years and quite frankly, we are bored of them! Whatever event you are planning, big or small, our tipis are flexible enough to accommodate. The English word tipi comes from the Lakota word thipi, which means “a dwelling”, primarily used by the nomadic tribes of the Great Plains of America for hundreds of years, hence the name ‘Big Chief Tipis’. Today, our tipis, which are Made In Britain by The Tipi Company, are relatively unchanged from their ancestral beginnings but now use the latest materials and techniques to bring them into the 21st century. Our tipis are constructed using wooden poles and a light coloured canvas which create a stunning space and, unlike the traditional white marquee, you don’t have to spend more money lining the interior of the space to create a fabulous atmosphere.

Here at Big Chief Tipis we have four different sizes of tipis to suit any size of space you have. In addition to our standalone Little Hat, our other tipis are interlinkable, so whether you fancy a single Baby Hat in your back garden, or a wedding for 200 people with a Midi Tipi chillout space added on, any formation is possible. Our helpful Big Chief Tipis team will assist in recommending the correct number of tipis to ensure your party is perfect.

Big Hat Tipi

The Big Chief of our tipi range is the Big Hat and measures 10.3 meters in diameter. The large event tipi can be used as a standalone space or can be interlinked with multiple tipis to create an amazing space catering up to 500 people! The sides of our large tipis can be easily raised to interlink as many tipis as you need.

We also offer a range of accessories for our tipis too from rustic wooden bars to cosy lighting solutions – bringing the event space to life and making it a party to remember!