I don’t know how many tipis I should have for my party…

To find out how many teepees you will need, use the below table for a general rule of thumb:

NumbersTipis needed
Up to 70 guests1 tipi
Up to 120 guests2 tipis
120+ guests3+ tipis
170+ guests4+ tipis

What if it rains?

Above any other qualities, the tipi is durable and provides warmth in the winter, cool in the heat of summer, and is dry during heavy rains. If the weather is glorious (we can but hope!) we can raise the outer sides of the tipis to create a ‘witch’s hat’ style so that you and your guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery around you.

However if the weather is…British, we can close the sides down to protect you from the elements and even add an entrance tunnel with wooden doors to ensure you still have the wow factor when you approach the tipis – the possibilities are endless.

Our firepits also come complete with a hood & flue above it so that if it rains, we don’t have to close the roof and dampen out the fire, ensuring that your party retains the atmosphere all evening.

What if it’s windy?

The unique profile of the tipis, along with the strong wooden poles which are sourced from North Scandinavian forests where it is extremely cold and hence slow growing, means that they are more stable than marques in high winds and they have strong waterproofing qualities. This makes them perfect for winter events & being erected on all types of hard and soft surfaces – even in a car park! We have specially designed Anchorage Kits that can be fitted to our tipis to assist in extremely windy locations.

I don’t have a field to put the tipi up in…

That’s not a problem, we work with a number of local venues and farmers on a regular basis so we can point you in the right direction to find a piece of land to host your party in a tipi. Bear in mind that if you are having your party in a field, you need to factor in hiring toilets and generators.

Where can you provide tipis to?

Here at Big Chief Tipis we offer a national service and have even worked with companies abroad, so wherever you are based or are wanting to hold a party, get in touch and we will do our upmost to get there!