Host Your Food & Drink Festival in a Big Chief Tipi

With the growing popularity of Food and Drink festivals throughout the UK, we’ve found many event organisers looking for something totally different, a venue that will set them apart from other food and drink festivals. That’s where we come in!

Our stunning giant event tipis and smaller products such as our Little Hat and Baby Tipi provide event organisers with unique spaces in the great outdoors for food and drink vendors to serve food, whilst remaining dry and cosy from the outdoor elements.

Processo Van inside a Teepee

If you’re thinking of hosting a food and drink festival, but are wondering why you should choose a tipi over a marquee or pop-up structure, then here’s a few reason why a teepee is everything you need and more…

Weatherproof and water resistant

Tipis are far superior to marquees or tents when it comes to withstanding adverse weather conditions. A downpour of rain can put a real downer on your food & drink festival if you don’t have the right setup. Rest assured you have a strong, stable and weatherproof venue with our Made in Britain teepees – yeah, Made in Britain approved, with the unpredictable British weather in mind throughout the design and manufacturing process.

So, come rain, wind, or even snow, your food & drink festival can carry on with the help of our Weatherproofing Kits and strong, durable tipi canvas.

Unique design and totally stylish

When we think of Tipis we automatically think style and class. You can create a real statement with one or more of our tipis as it’s a blank canvas for you to dress up whatever way you like, which is why we love the structure so much. With the help of our Accessories, you can create a magical event wonderland that your guests will love. From rustic wooden bars to Aztec style chill out furniture and Panoramic Windows for a bar area, we’ve got something to set your food and drink festival apart from the rest.

Join multiple tipis together to cater for any number of guests

We offer tipis in four different sizes that can be linked together to create an outdoor event space for any number of guests – great if you have numerous different caterers and bar companies attending you festival. What’s also great about our teepees is you can fit food and drinks vehicles inside the space, so no need for anyone to be left outside!

So many amazing accessories

As we mentioned earlier, we have an amazing range of additional Accessories to help bring your festival together. Along with our fabulous furniture range, we also have the best lighting solutions to add to your festival venue, creating the ideal atmosphere inside the tipis. From Edison light bulb trays to our stunning cartwheel chandelier, we’ve got something that you’ll fall in love with.

So if you’re on the hunt for a cool outdoor venue space to host your food & drink festival, then get in touch with our team to discuss your ideas and plans.

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