Meet Big Chief Tipis’ Mumpreneur

Big Chief Tipis Managing Director Hayley Harthern, was invited to take part in an interview by Manchester-based children’s brand PicPop. Launched in 2015, PicPop is a playful mix of quirky kids accessories, including cute parkas, pompom hats and retro sunglasses. Naomi, the creator of the brand, has also launched The MamaMantra candles collection – which is a favourite of Hayley’s and a reminder to every Mama to shine bright!

Naomi & Hayley sat down to discuss how she juggles motherhood and life as a ‘mumpreneur’! So if you’re interested in finding out more about the brains behind the Big Chief brand, then here’s a little taster of the interview…

Hayley and her son Hunter

You are Managing Director of Big Chief Tipis and Co-Founder of the Manchester PA Network, where do you think your ambition and drive came from? 

My father! He works all day, every day and loves what he does. I sometimes get branded a “workaholic” and I definitely get this from him. I love to be constantly on the go and easily get bored and my Dad is the same too. I rarely get off the hamster wheel – unless it’s on a yacht with a glass of Rose!

Big Chief Tipis is a family business. How do you find working with your Dad on a daily basis? 

Very testing at times! But I think everyone who works with their family would say the same if they were being honest. We lock horns on a daily basis but the great thing is that we both want the same outcome and we’re really passionate about what we do.

Any problem that arises, I know that together we can overcome it as we’ve both got incredibly varied experience and can see things from different angles to make magic happen! We make a really good team, and my sister has just joined the business too which I am really excited about.

Like what you’ve read so far? Well grab a cuppa and check out the full interview here.

Hayley and her team

Big Chief Tipis at Everton Training Ground