Dream Wedding in a Tipi

For many years, marquee weddings were the number one venue for outdoor weddings and parties. They provided a blank canvas for individuals to express their personalities and love for each other through décor, lighting features and even the location of the marquee wedding. However, as the wedding and event industry has developed, people are looking for something unique and different – an outdoor venue that completely wows everyone.

Since we launched over four years ago, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting numerous weddings in our stunning tipis. A tipi wedding provides you with the opportunity to express your personality through décor choices and where you host your big day. You can even keep the traditional comforts of a wedding, such as a sit down meal, but with a twist! By hosting a wedding in a tipi, you can take in the beauty of outdoors from the comfort and warmth of the tipi with the help of our Clearview Weatherproofing Kits and Panoramic Panels.

Weatherproofing Kit with Clearview windows

So if you’ve always dreamt of an outdoor wedding, then here’s a few handy tips to consider during the planning stage…

Choose a Theme

Tipis are known as the ultimate blank canvas, which leaves the door open to a world of possibilities. Creating a theme for your big day provides you with a clear vision and direction throughout the all-important planning phase. It also means you can get your creative head on and stalk Pinterest as much as you like!

We’ve hosted some stunning weddings that each have individual themes and personal touches that are loved by guests. One of our all-time favourite themes being Hygge! Taking inspiration from their many trips to Scandinavia and love of the outdoors, Sophie & Rob created the ultimate Hygge-inspired wedding, with a sea of greenery, rich copper & gold cutlery and geometric candle holders. If you like the sound of bringing the Norwegian outdoors inside, then take a look here for more inspiration.

We also have numerous wedding albums on our gallery which each have different themes and décor inspiration to get your creative juices flowing!

Hygee Wedding Decor

Tipi Wedding Decor


Even without a specific theme, you can create a magical atmosphere throughout the structure with simplistic decorations. Emphasising the natural beauty of the tipi, such as the rustic wooden poles and beams, and bringing the outdoors in by adding natural floral arrangements creates a beautiful setting and is sure to wow your guests.

Decorate our wooden tables with jam jars filled with flowers or tea lights and hessian table runners down the centre of the table, creating a simplistic yet stunning look. Utilise the simple and cheap things in life such as rugs, bunting and fairy lights that work wonders wrapped around the main poles of the teepee.  You can even add stunning greenery and flowers to the poles and beams, or add our fabulous Flower Hoop, which you or your florist can dress in moss, ivy and much more.

Teepee Interior

Round Bar

Location, Location, Location

Creating a magical atmosphere within the tipi is your number one priority, but try not to overlook the importance of those surroundings. Using a tipi gives you immense control over your big day, but it’s also important to find the right venue to host your tipi wedding. Whether it be a farm overlooking beautiful countryside, a manor house or private land, the surroundings provide a backdrop for your wedding photographs, so of course, it’s something you can’t get wrong! You can also use the outside location to host a drinks reception during the daytime, and outdoor bar / catering area or even host some live music outside as the sunset – the possibilities are endless. You may already have a location in mind, but if not, get in touch with our team of Little Chiefs and they can give you the details of some of our tried and tested Approved Venues.

Outdoor Wedding in a Field


If you’re hosting a summer wedding, you can have the sides of the tipi open, meaning your guests can soak up the sun whilst taking in the beautiful scenery. Add straw bales and an open fire pit outside, creating a cosy spot for your guests to relax and socialise in as the night draws in.

Teepee at Night

If you’re thinking about hosting a wedding during the colder months, then take a look at our Weatherproofing Kits. All of our Weatherproofing Kits come complete with Clearview windows, so your guests don’t miss out on the spectacular surrounding views. This handy kit is especially useful here in the UK with its unpredictable weather!

If you like the sound of hosting your wedding in our giant event tipis, then please do get in touch with one of our Little Chiefs…

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