Weatherproofing Your Tipis For a Wet & Windy Event

Are you in the midst of planning your outdoor event? Or considering hosting your next event in the great outdoors, but the unpredictable, crazy British weather is playing on your mind? Fear not! Here at Big Chief Tipis, we have the perfect solution to all of your concerns – our trusty Weatherproofing Kit!

Photo courtesy of Melissa Beattie Photography


Being British means embracing whatever the weather throws at you – rain, snow, hail, wind… and everything else in-between. So with this in mind, we set about designing a kit specifically for protecting our clients and their guests during all types of weather.

For all other tipi companies, the only way you can enter their tipis is by a lifted side (ideal during glorious weather!) or via a zip on a closed side. However, we wanted to offer our clients a unique product that is not only practical but visually stunning, adding a dramatic entrance to the tipis – *cue our Weatherproofing Kit!

Consisting of 2-bay Entrance Tunnel, canvas side walls on the first bay of tunnel, canvas zip door, a pair of blanking panels for either side of the entrance and 10m external matting, the Weatherproofing Kit is perfect for protecting guests whatever the weather.

Not only is the Weatherproofing Kit perfect for use all year round as it creates a barrier between the outside elements and the party inside, but it also lets in lots of extra natural light into the teepee, while allowing your guests to enjoy the surrounding views without the need to go outside.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Beattie Photography


Depending on your Big Hat setup, the Weatherproofing Kit neatly fits in the centre of your configuration – adding a spectacular entrance for your guests. Previously, we’ve had clients who’ve added festoon lighting leading up to the Entrance Tunnel and some have even added their own personal touches to the legs of the tunnel – fairy lights and flowers!


As you can imagine, our Weatherproofing Kits are extremely popular and we only have a limited number in stock – so we advise all clients to add the kit to their bookings as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in adding one of our Weatherproofing Kits to your event, then please do get in touch with one of our Little Chiefs:                  01204 544 906