The “Boring Bits” for your outdoor event

One of the most important aspects of an outdoor event that you must consider during the early planning stages is the practicalities, or the “boring bits” we like to call them. Holding your event in the great outdoors, in the middle of a field can make for a picturesque setting, but you need to think about how you are going to power the event (generator hire), where people are going to go to the loo (toilet hire) and how you are going to keep your guests warm (heater hire). Since launching nearly three years ago, we have had the pleasure of working with a number of the industry’s best suppliers, contact details of which we are more than happy to share with you.

Once you have booked with us, we give you a handy guideline of what you need to book with them, and once you have done so, we can always talk directly to them to relay any requirements we may have (e.g. electricity for our fairy lights). We’ve found that with you directly contacting suppliers yourself, you can negotiate better rates, helping your overall budget (so you have more to spend on the fun stuff!)

Hayley Harthern's 30th Birthday Party


When searching for a venue to host your tipi event, you must ask them “do you provide electricity?”. If the answer is yes, then great news . If not, and you are in the middle of a field, with no access to power points – you will need to hire a generator to get electricity to power your party. You have to take into consideration all the aspects of your event that will need power, which will include: Big Chief’s fairy lights & uplighters; your catering company’s cooking appliances;  the band’s equipment; the toilet trailer; any extra equipment (TV, giant Love letters, projector, icecream van, photobooth).

In our experience, we always advise our clients to source a 40 KVA generator as this will be more than enough to power the above and will ensure you don’t overload the generator. The last thing you want is the generator blowing on the night because you have plugged too much in!

When speaking with your generator company you need to ask them if they have support on the night (e.g. if there were any issues during the event, who would you contact); if they provide a power distribution power (for all of your suppliers to plug into) and if they bring extension leads and extra wiring. Remember to also ask them for a step-by-step guide on how to operate the generator and do not try to refuel it yourselves!


One concern that our clients always raise is how do you heat the tipis during wet, windy and cooler months? Even though our Nordic open firepits look incredible inside our tipis and create a wonderful ambiance, they do not act as an adequate heating source to warm the entire space. Here at Big Chief Tipis we only permit the use of Indirect Fan Heaters to heat our tipis. These machines are located outside of the tipis (normally hidden around the back), and have an air vent attached which is then placed underneath the mudwall of the tipi pointing inside – meaning the not-so-attractive machine is hidden on the outside. Once turned on, this air vent blows hot air into the tipis to keep you and your guests warm. The machine is controlled by a thermostat that you can control yourself, which is normally attached to the inside of the tipi (next to the air vent) so it only kicks into operation when the temperature inside dips below a certain level. We would recommend you turn on your heaters at least one hour before your guests arrive to ensure it is warm by the time they enter.

1-2 Big Hat setup = 1 Indirect Fan Heater

3-4 Big Hat setup = 2 Indirect Fan Heaters

5+ Big Hat setup = 3+ Indirect Fan Heaters



If the venue you have hired does not provide any toilets for your event guests to use, then you will need to look at the next best thing – hiring your own toilet trailer. Now this doesn’t need to be as awful as you first might think – toilet hire has come a long way since portaloos at a festival. Luxury loos can complete with funky pictures on the wall, coloured spotlights, heating, music and goodies for your guests including chewing gum and deodorant. When enquiring with the toilet company they will ask you how many guests you will be having at your event and if you will need them for one or two nights. Please don’t be tempted to tell a white lie to get a cheaper price – the last thing you want is an overloaded toilet trailer on the night of your event, so be honest about your final numbers! Plus, if you decide to have the trailer for two days, normally the toilet hire company will return at the beginning of the second day to empty the tank which will be a small extra price.

Big Chief Tipis can add an Entrance Porch and two bays of Entrance Tunnel to the back of the tipis to create an undercover space for people to queue for the toilets, along with extra matting for infront of the toilets. Please let your Little Chief know if you would like this adding onto your quote.

Pictured below – Classic Chambers male & female toilets

Classic chambers

As always, our dedicated team of Little Chiefs are available to offer any advice and help, so if you have any further questions, or require some more supplier recommendations, then please do get in touch!

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