Go Ape at Go Ape!

The words, if you don’t follow these safety rules you could have a serious or even fatal accident”, tend to make most people sit up and listen – especially when you’re about to be suspended 40 feet above the ground for a couple of hours, with nothing but a safety harness between you and the wood chips below…



For those alien to the concept, Go Ape is a treetop adventure course with multiple obstacles, cargo nets, suspended walkways, bridges, zip-lines and ladders, which the adventurous and not-so-adventurous can safely navigate across, over and up come rain, hail or shine.


On a fresh November afternoon the Big Chief Tipi crew descended upon Rivington’s very own Go Ape for our End-Of-Year treat, courtesy of our Big Chief Director Hayley. Hayley also very kindly volunteered to document the ensuing capers with videos and pictures – thanks Hayley, I‘m sure that everyone can’t wait to see the evidence!

DSC_0465As our group listened intently to Ben the Safety Instructor show us the ropes, (sorry..) and reinforce the mantra, “always stay attached”,  we were pretty keen to get cracking. Fifteen minutes later and we were clambering up the side of a giant tree with our carabiners and safety lines attached, slightly apprehensively and wondering (placing bets) who’d be the first to forget to clip on and fall off! Hayley was hoping to capture one or two of us getting tangled in a cargo net…luckily we escaped the camera lens for evidence!







Aside from a few scratches, bumps and bruised egos from being dragged horizontal 30 feet across a bed of wood chippings on their backs (naming no names…Thayne), everyone came through the experience relatively unscathed and full of excited energy. Thanks to everyone at Go Ape – especially our safety guru Ben – and also many thanks to Hayley for arranging the hard earned End-Of-Season treat!