Out With the Old, In With the New!

It’s been a busy few months for Big Chief Tipis. We can finally show off our new website, including some shiny new features! We’re totally in love with it, and hope you are too!

Back in December, we sat down to discuss the website; what we liked, what worked well and considered some features that needed updating. The website has always been a hit with our clients, which is great to know as we pride ourselves on our unique, fun and exciting branding and marketing techniques.

We had a play around with the website layout and structure, and decided to keep the majority of it the same, but add a little something here and there! We had some fantastic photos we wanted to use, so we thought we should show them off as much as possible by making the website header bigger on the homepage!



One of our favourite newest features has to be the Map, which can found on the Friends page. Over the past few months we’ve been busy visiting venues up and down the country. We wanted to build a portfolio of Big Chief Approved Venues, for those clients who enquire but don’t have land or a venue, thus we created the map feature with a little blurb about each venue and contact details. We’ve also updated our ‘Little Black Book’ of contacts, letting you in on our favourite suppliers!

One of the major changes to the site is the Gallery section. After such an amazing season last year, we received numerous photographs from our fabulous clients, so we’ve added them to the Gallery with individual albums for each event.

For any visitors who’ve never experienced a tipi party, we have also added videos from some of the amazing events we have been lucky enough to provide tipis for, including; We Are FSTVL, ITVFEST, Yew Tree Beer Festival and Justine & Ben’s Engagement Party!

Here at Big Chief Tipis we love to exhibit at Wedding Fairs and host our own Open Weekends. Previously, we had a monthly calendar showing each individual event, but all this information can now be found on the Open Days page, with a small blurb for each event.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating the new website. We hope you like it as much as we do and if you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you!