Meet Our Events Little Chief, Sarah!

We interviewed our Events Assistant, Sarah Allcroft, to find out about her time at Big Chief Tipis!


How did you hear about Big Chief / how did you get the job?

Soon after graduating from Sheffield Hallam University where I studied Business, I successfully got a job at a corporate bank in Manchester. It soon became apparent that this career path just wasn’t for me! In the back of my mind I’d always wanted to study events, and eventually have a career in events. I was always jealous of my friends who were on Event Management courses and wish I had of done the same. After working at the bank for a couple of years I decided that it was time to pursue what I really wanted to do! My passion had always been to work in the Wedding sector of events, so the first place I started to look was at local wedding fairs so I could visit the suppliers and search to see if they had any job vacancies.

I saw Big Chief listed as a Supplier at one of the local wedding fairs and went on their website and instantly fell in love. I’d never really seen a tipi before but after looking through their gallery and reading about the company I instantly wanted to apply.

At the time, they didn’t have any vacancies, but I took the plunge and sent an email over with my CV to Big Chief HQ. A few hours later I received a reply from Hayley (the Big Chief) and we arranged to meet at the tipis that were up at the Oast House in Manchester.

After meeting Hayley I knew I wanted to work for Big Chief, and I also knew I wanted to work for her. She has achieved some amazing things and I wanted to be part of taking Big Chief to the next level.

Luckily enough I was offered the job the next day!


How long have you worked for Big Chief Tipis?
I have worked for Big Chief Tipis for 1 and ½ wonderful years! 🙂

Can you describe your typical day at Big Chief?

There are no typical days at Big Chief Tipis! Every day is different from the next and that is what I love! I can be sending emails to Brides, organising Festivals, having operations meetings with our Onsite Little Chief’s or working with our Big Chief Hayley on secret projects such as Michelle Keegan and Mark Wrights Wedding!

Michelle Keegan

What’s your favourite thing about working at Big Chief Tipis?

My favourite thing about working at Big Chief Tipis is that it is like working within one big family. Everyone is always willing to help and we’re all really supportive and proud of each other. We push each other and always work together to make sure all events are a success and our clients thoroughly enjoy their special day!

Main achievement since working at Big Chief Tipis?

As well as being super proud that I have been able to make such a big career change and master it (I like to think!), my main achievement is taking and managing the booking for HMQ90 which was the official celebration for Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday (Eeek!) This was the first high profile event I have managed myself and it was fantastic! We provided tipis for the performers that took part in the Royal Windsor Horse Show and the HMQ90 performance. It was such an honour to be part of and definitely an event I won’t ever forget!

What do you do to give an event that Big Chief stamp of approval?

I think the personal relationships I build up with Bride’s and Clients are what puts my stamp on a Big Chief event. Here at Big Chief Tipis we certainly don’t treat our Clients just as a number! I know everyone’s name, fiancé’s name, dogs name, when and where they are getting married and even where they are up to with their house renovations! It’s about being there for them when they are having a small breakdown about invites and when they are on a high about booking their band. It’s all about turning their tipi dream into reality and delivering that for them… and giving them a great big hug before the big event!

What makes Big Chief Tipis stand out from other tipi hire companies?

From a technical point of view I think the weatherproofing accessories we offer make us stand out from other tipi hire companies. We know what the Great British weather can be like so it’s great to be able to offer our Client’s an outdoor event without them worrying about the wind and rain! But I also think it’s working Big Chief Tipis as a whole and showing them that we care – that’s the feedback we get from our customers! From the second anyone enquires, to when the team are onsite I believe that Big Chief offer such a personal experience and I just don’t think you can get that anywhere else!

If you’d like to contact Sarah about your celebration, please email or by telephone on 01204 544 906.


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