Big Chief Tipis Autumn Open Weekend

This Autumn we held our Big Chief Open Weekend at ‘The Holford Estate’, which is a stunning venue in Cheshire currently in the process of launching itself as a new wedding location.

And here’s a little taster…


Bright and early we arrived at The Holford Estate – eagerly awaiting the arrival of our guests…


At our Big Chief Autumn Open Weekend we had three of our Big Hats up in a line, each of our Big Hats are 10.3 metres in diameter and joined together cover just less than 30 metres. This configuration can fit up to 150 guests seated.


We had all the sides down on our tipis with a Rain Kit on the front tipi as our entrance point – making it an ideal space to hold weddings and events during the colder months, due to the protection our Rain Kit offers you and your guests. We also had an Entrance Porch attached to the back of the third tipi for an entry and exit point to the catering tent and toilets.


As our lovely Brides and Grooms to-be arrived at our tipis at The Holford Estate they were guided in by our external matting walkway which led up to our Rain Kit entrance. Traditionally tipis are either lifted for an entrance or can be entered by using the zips on the tipi. As our tipis are manufactured in the UK by our sister company, The Tipi Company, we are able to offer entrance tunnels and weatherproofing kits for the tipis that make them great to use all year round.


Upon entering the tipis there was a covered entrance tunnel with panels either side to protect you from any wind or rain. These ‘blanking panels’ that you can see either side of the doorway are available in the beige tipi canvas or can come with a clear window so you can still look out over your beautiful views no matter what the weather. The panels can also be zipped up and down so if the weather is lovely and sunny you can unzip the panels and roll these back so your tipis are open. However, if it gets chillier at night or takes a turn for the worse you can zip them up again and remain nice and cosy with your guests inside.IMG_0205

Once inside the tipis our guests were greeted by our Little Chiefs and a cocktail from Beetlejuice. Our entrance tipi was used as a bar and chillout area where people could sit on our rattan furniture covered in reindeer skins and comfy cushions – perfect during a party for those guests who want to sit in a quieter area or for those who want to rest their tired party feet.


Our centre tipi was set up as the party tipi with our mirror ball, a dancefloor provided by Lancashire Event Hire and lighting provided by Luminate Events.


Our third tipi was set up with all of our seating and enclosed fire pit. We had a mixture of our tables and benches and tables and limewash chiavari chairs which were dressed in two different themes by Springbank Flowers. In the centre of our tipi was our enclosed fire pit – this is another all-weather accessory we offer that has been designed so that your fire can stay lit in the tipis where it is raining outside or not. Lots of Brides and Grooms choose to have an open Nordic fire pit in their tipis which is a stunning focal point however; if it does begin to rain you need to put the fire out and close the smoke hood at the top of the tipi. Our enclosed fire pit has a chimney that attaches to the top of the tipi so if it does rain you don’t have to worry about putting your fire out!




From the rear of the final tipi we had a porch with one bay of our entrance tunnel attached, which led you out to the catering tent and Classic Chambers fabulous WC3 toilets!



Our catering tents can be set up to stand alone or they can be attached to your tipis via the porch so that the catering staff can have easy access in and out of the tipi.


Thank you to everybody who came down to see our tipis and our Little Chief’s! We had the most amazing weekend!


Keep an eye out for our next blog to find out about all of the Suppliers at our Big Chief Tipis Autumn Open Weekend and how they can come together to make your Big Day perfect! We are also eagerly awaiting the photography of the weekend from the very talented and lovely Melissa Beattie Photography.