How To Prepare Your Tipi For The British Summer

As we know all too well in the UK you cannot guarantee glorious sunshine in the summer months. Even though May through to August should be blazing sunshine and heatwaves, we here at Big Chief HQ always carry an umbrella!

Thankfully, whatever the forecast, we have an exclusive range of weather-proofing Accessories we can add onto your tipi configuration to make sure your guests are warm & dry during your party and you can leave your wellies at the door.

If you decide to ‘chance it’ and not add one of these Accessories onto your booking when you first confirm, we will offer you the opportunity two weeks before to add it onto your booking (subject to availability).

When it comes to choosing how you have your tipi on your Big Day the main question is “Are you having the sides lifted or will you keep them closed down with a zip for entry”. The problems here are if you have all the sides lifted and then it starts howling and raining your guests are going to be left very draughty and your tipi is going to start getting wet.  On the other hand, if you have all the sides down, the only entry is through a zip and when you open it, the rain is going to run straight down into the tipi. The other issue with this is that if it decides to be suddenly sunny and you have all the sides down, you will all be inside with only zip for some fresh air!

Here at Big Chief Tipis we don’t like the sound of any of the above and as a result, we have worked closely with our manufacturer, The Tipi Company, to develop a fantastic range of Entrances tunnels, porches, Rain Kits and Enclosed Firepits to suit our tipis.

Entrance Ways

Our most popular addition to our tipis is our Rain Kit. Perfect for weddings and parties outside of the summer time, in addition to the wetter summer months, this comes complete with an Entrance Tunnel and blanking panels, so you can choose whether to have your tipi open or closed.
Big Chief Tipis

Our Entrance Tunnel is fitted into your tipis in a lifted section, so you can have it between two tipis or coming off one tipi in the centre. The panels on either side of the entrance then block out the wind and rain.

Big Chief TipisBig Chief Tipis - Entrance Tunnel

Now, you may think to yourself “But what if it IS sunny? I want to have it more open than that” – absolutely fine. The blanking panels on either side of the entrance tunnel can be zipped up or down dependant on the weather! Once you have unzipped them you can tie them back and let the glorious sunshine in and you can even zip them back up when it gets a bit chillier at night.

As well as offering our blanking panels in our tipi canvas material you can also have them completely clear so you can still look out over your view no matter what the weather outside.


Clear blanking panels for Rain Kit

As well as our blanking panels, the entrance tunnel comes with a top canvas canopy and side sheets, along with hand-crafted wooden doors. We also provide 10 metres of wooden flooring  so your guests have the perfect, water-free lead up to your tipis.

Priced at £750, our Rain Kit is the perfect extra to add onto your booking to make sure that the weather doesn’t affect your Big Day!

And if you don’t like the idea of wooden doors, we can provide you with an Entrance Tunnel package which removes the doors and the wooden walkway for £400.


Enclosed Fire Pit

Another adaptation we’ve made is with our fire pit. We know lots of Brides and Grooms love the look of our open fire pits and we do too! But if it does begin to rain you need to dampen out your fire and close the smoke hood and then the fire is no longer a lovely, toasty feature of your tipi wedding.

Big Chief Tipis are the only tipi hire company on the market that also offer our enclosed chiminea with flue as an alternative option to your open fire pit. With this fire pit the flue attaches all the way to the top of the tipi at the crown, which means that the smoke from your fire is funnelled up and drawn out of the top of your tipi. As a result, no matter the weather – rain or shine – you don’t need to put out your fire or touch the smoke hoods!


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