Big Chief Tipis Open Weekend Tipi Build

The last weekend of March played host to our Big Chief Tipis Open Weekend where we had a fantastic few days with our favourite suppliers and meeting lots of lovely Brides and Grooms-to-be within our beautiful tipis.

Our venue host for the weekend was Gary Barlow’s previous home – Delamere Manor, in Cuddington. A stunning manor set within 100 acres of lush fields, the venue has plenty of space for a tipi party!

The week prior, our team of tipi fitters headed down to Delamere Manor to start the build of our tipi configuration. We decided to erect them at the bottom of rolling hills by the lake to produce the perfect backdrop for our Open Weekend.

Three of our Big Hat tipis were set up in a triangle formation, with one at the front acting as the reception drinking area, while the two at the back were the dining and dancing tipis.

The reception tipi was enhanced with our handmade in Lancashire wooden bar, a cluster of wicker furniture, a couple of drinks barrels and our favourite – the enclosed firepit.


 (Photo by Melissa Beattie Photography)

BigChiefOpenWeekend-17 (2)(Photo by Melissa Beattie Photography)

BCT - night shot 13(Photo by Lesley Meredith Photography)

In addition to this we then linked one of our Baby Tipis via a corridor to the back of our triangle formation to act as a Moroccan chillout lounge, while a catering tent was also added to the corridor for easy access for the caterers.

BCT - night shot 16 (Photo by Lesley Meredith Photography)

20150325_170959 (2)

As it was March, the weather was rather chilly and this is where our range of weather-proofing Accessories came into play! For a grand opening on Reception tipi we added a Rain Kit complete with covered entrance tunnel, wind protector panels and a roped wooden walkway; this way our guests could walk down into the tipis without having to worry about getting stuck in the mud.

BigChiefOpenWeekend-99 (Photo by Melissa Beattie Photography)

As we had hidden the toilets around the back of the configuration, we added an entrance porch to create an entrance and exit to and from the luxury loos that Classic Chambers had provided for us. And on that note – these were the poshest loos we had ever seen! Super swanky vacuum loos, the toilets were a favourite amongst our guests.

Big Hat wtih Entrance Porch for easy entry
BigChiefOpenWeekend-80 (Photo by Melissa Beattie Photography)


When the weather took a slight turn for the worse we added added a zipped canvas panel onto the porch so that the wind couldn’t get into the tipis and ruffle our lovely table centres.


While the tipis by the lake hosted our Open Weekend, we also erected a solo Big Hat just outside the patio doors of the manor to show guests how Big Chief Tipis can cater for smaller gatherings. To allow guests to enjoy the view down to the lake, we added our Panoramic Window Panels, which also increased the floorspace inside the tipi. On top of this we added Wooden doors to keep guests protected from the weather inside.

BCT - night shot 1(Photo by Lesley Meredith Photography)BCT - night shot 5(Photo by Lesley Meredith Photography)