Big Chief Tipis Open Weekend Set Up

After weeks of planning, preparing, packing and anticipation, we finally held our Big Chief Open Weekend last weekend at the stunning new Cheshire wedding venue – Delamere Manor.

Delamere Manor offers events for up to 50 people within the main house, so if your numbers go over this amount, you can hire out a fleet of our tipis for your wedding or party, while being surrounded by 100 acres of the Cheshire countryside.

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After visiting the venue a number of times, we picked the perfect spot – down by the lake, complete with wooden jetty, rowing boat and swans, making it the perfect setting for any wedding. We also decided to erect one large tipi, complete with Panoramic Viewing Panels, outside of the patio doors of the manor. This was used to showcase the possibility of having a breakout area during an event. For example, during a wedding, after the ceremony when the team would turn the room around for the evening, guests can enjoy the outside area within one of our Big Hats erected on the helipad, before retreating back indoors for the evening wedding breakfast.


The week before, our team of Onsite Little Chiefs headed down to the venue to commence the build of our tipis in the two different sites…

Down by the lake, we set up three of our Big Hat tipis in a triangle formation, with one Big Hat as a reception area followed by a further two more tipis behind which housed the seating and dancefloor.

Not only that but we also had a tunnel off the back of the tipis leading to a Baby Tipi (to act as a Chillout Lounge) and a catering tent.

Once the tipis were erected we added some of our most popular finishing touches….

1. Entrance Porch – This we added onto the back of the formation to create an exit to and from the luxury loos that Classic Chambers were exhibiting over the weekend.




2. Rain Kit including Entrance Tunnel & Walkway – We added this for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Firstly, it created a grand entrance to the reception area complete with a covered entrance tunnel, blanking panels and roped wooden walkway, providing our guests with the wow factor upon arrival. Secondly it allowed us to plan for the weather, which was pretty terrible throughout the weekend! The wooden walkway allowed our guests to enter the tipis without having to worry about getting stuck in the mud and the entrance tunnel with blanking panels kept the wind and rain at bay throughout the weekend!



3. Entrance Porch with Wooden Doors – For the Big Hat we erected up by the house, we fitted an Entrance Porch with wooden double doors so that the guests would be cosy and warm inside while the wind whistled outside.


4. Panoramic Panels – For the same tipi, and so that our guests could enjoy the views down to the lake, we added two of our Panoramic Panels to the rear of the Big Hat with viewing windows. These not only allow you to bring the outside, inside, but they also add extra floorspace in the tipi so that more guests can be accommodated.



5. Enclosed Fire Pit with Flue – A party in a tipi wouldn’t be complete without a firepit! Here at Big Chief Tipis we have two different styles of firepit – the traditional Nordic open fire pit, and our enclosed firepit with flue. Both provide an atmospheric addition to the space, while keep the area toasty and warm. We chose to showcase our enclosed fire pit during the weekend due to a couple of reasons. When you light an open firepit within a tipi, you need to pull back the smoke hood at the top of the tipi to allow the smoke to leave the space. However, if it starts raining, you have to close the smoke hood (so that rain doesn’t get inside) and as a result, you have to put out the fire. With our enclosed fire pit with flue, you can keep the smoke hood closed throughout – so rain or shine, you can leave the firepit and the smoke hood alone! We want to make your big day as stress free as possible and therefore, we recommend an enclosed firepit with flue where possible.





Once our team had erected the tipis and set up our furniture and accessories it was time to let Springbank, Chapman Holmes and Luminate Events work their magic!

We decided to dress our tipis to show a contrast of seating, so we set up the space with both round tables with chairs and long tables with benches. Our round tables were set with white table cloths, crockery and glassware from Chapman Holmes and then had the most beautiful centrepieces from Springbank. We had roses and gold candle holders on some of the rounds and then crystal candelabra on the others which matched perfectly underneath our crystal chandelier.





Our long tables were dressed with rainbow coloured vases with single wildflowers lining the centre which were flown over from Holland for the occasion, in addition to red wine goblets, tealight candles, slate place settings and yellow napkins.





Next to our tables we had our nonagon dancefloor and giant light up letters saying ‘#DANCE’ provided by The Word Is Love and this all stood under our huge mirror ball.



In the front tipi we had our handmade wooden bars set up on one side with our wicker furniture on the other, with reindeer skins scattered throughout.

Our Baby tipi was decked out with our Moroccan chill out furniture package, complete with poofs, rugs and tables and our big Moroccan lamp hanging in the centre. We had scented candles on our tables and at night it was lit by fairy and candle light.


After the set up was complete on the Wednesday, the Thursday was a jam-packed day and night complete with a photoshoot and the Delamere Manor VIP Launch Party – stay tuned for further blog posts….